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Therefore, it may be very beneficial to work in a professional garden or on a farm where you can learn about the different plants, and the tools rakes, shears, etc and machinery tractors used to maintain them.

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People in these jobs use their eye for art and design to create colorful floral arrangements for a variety of events like funerals, weddings, and anniversaries. No formal education is required to enter the field, though you can earn a number of credentials to prove your expertise. Those with horticulture degrees would do very well in this field since you will be cultivating and maintaining an assortment of flora.

There is a high turnover rate in floral design, so job opportunities will be plentiful. Another interesting horticulture career is botany. This is for people who are deeply interested in how plants work. Rather, they study their inner workings and may specialize in plant diseases, the life cycle, or how plants interact with their environment.

Horticulture & Landscaping Jobs

Unfortunately, job opportunities are limited because the field of botany is so small. Home Terms Privacy Contact. Horticulture jobs Thinking about a career in horticulture? A few areas you can specialize in include: Landscaping : Designing and maintaining commercial and residential grounds using your eye for design and knowledge of irrigation, plants, flowers, and trees.

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Nurseries : People in this profession grow plants from seedlings and make sure they make it through their entire lifecycle. Research : In this field, you may study plant genetics or develop plants that have natural immunity to diseases and resist environmental damage.

Horticulture and Botany Careers Guide

Horticultural Therapy : You would use your knowledge of plants and design to help patients with cognitive and physical disabilities. The Benefits of a Horticulture Career A horticulture career can take you almost anywhere you want to go. This creates a complete range of career paths from the narrow specialist to the broad general scientist or engineer.

There are many science careers either within horticulture or interacting with horticulture and the topics below attempt to give a general flavour. However, there are many more for example engineers designing machinery or greenhouses and mathematicians studying plant populations, Plant Health Inspectors and Lecturers. The best sportsman need the best turf to play on, and it takes the top science, muscle and machinery to keep it playing well. Green spaces are everywhere from town squares and parks to golf courses and hospitals, offering fitness, beauty, health and variety.

Our parks and public gardens are the green lungs for our cities, and you could help create and manage them for thousands of people to enjoy. Log In 0 Items.

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Meet Leah. Meet Lachlan. Marc Jones Managing Director There are so many reasons working with plants has been my first love…. Start your career search. Look for jobs at universities, garden centers, landscaping companies, nurseries, tree services, floral shops, pharmaceutical companies, botanical gardens, parks and recreation districts, or wineries.

Some green thumb jobs are seasonal adventures others are dedicated, lifelong careers.

Find a job that interests you and give it a try. Who knows where it will lead. Some jobs pay minimum wage, other plant jobs pay well over 6-figures.

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It all depends on your job, your resume, and your love for plants. Botany and horticulture are a multi-billion dollar industry.

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The jobs are fun and abundant. The horticulture industry is important to reducing global warming. The links below will show you how to get involved.

Plants are crucial to many industries and ecosystems. These links can fill you in on plant based careers.


Landscaping is important for structural, aesthetic, and drainage reasons. The links below will teach you more. There is a wealth of knowledge to learn about horticulture. These links will help you with your own knowledge. What's Hot. Teach English in Asia. Cruise Ship Jobs. Alaska Fishing Industry Jobs.

Industry Analysis. Types of Jobs.