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August Borah, Tinam and Juri Gogoi Konwar.

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Indian Food Advertisements through a Gendered Lens. Literary Insight. ISSN Jan Choudhury, Namrata and Tinam Borah. International Journal of Legal Research and Governance. September Boruah, Madhusmita and Tinam Borah. Ankuran Dutta, et al. ISBN- , Nov Dowerah, S. Das, Reetamoni. Nath, Debarshi Prasad ed. ISBN: March, Saikia, Arani.

Saikia, Jayashree. Dutta, Minakshi. Kumari, Pratisha. Mahanta, Moushumi.

Kashyap, Bhupali. Mahanta, Pradip Jyoti ed. Vulli Dhanraju and Kh. Goswami, Shilpi. Konwar, Juri Gogoi and Dina Swargiari. May, Swargiari, Dina. July, July- September, Hazarika, Rituparna. Gendered Voices in the Lyrics of Bhupen Hazarika. Pg Vol.

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Pg — Vol. Borah, Jadabendra. Trends of Assamese Novel reflecting the tribal life of Assam and its neighbouring areas. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development

This is in order to reconstruct the imagination and remake it; render it original and creative; and as is the subject of the essays to follow, revitalize it so that it can meet the needs of a new intelligence and help it find its way through the chaos of. This productive cycle between QOL and industrial clusters can be a key factor in improving a region in a sustainable way. With the globalization of development and production, the position of automobile part suppliers is rising. From among auto parts manufacturers that operate and carry out technological innovation overseas, independent of automobile manufacturers at home, a new type of suppliers have emerged — Tier One Automobile Part Suppliers.

They can provide key auto parts on a global scale.

This is where the Japanese automobile supplier system, in spite of its reputation as a world model, is forced to transform itself. In several Southeast Asian countries, fierce political movements are often conducted by groups of radical fundamentalists. This is particularly true in the Philippines and Indonesia. However, Malaysia can be regarded as an exception. With the former Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad exercising strong leadership in taking effective measures for public security and economic takeoff, this country has succeeded in subduing extreme fundamentalist movements.

Mahathir has been instrumental in securing the peace of the country; during the 22 years in office, by peace-keeping policies, he contributed to establishing the national stability of a country which comprises Malaysians, Chinese, Indians, and other ethnical groups. On October 31, , Mahathir resigned from his post. Abdulah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi succeeded him and took over his office. It is true that Abdulah is now revered and respected by the people.

However, his ability as a political leader is still to be seen. Since in Malaysia, internal security and economic development of the country largely depends on the social stability of the Islam groups, it is absolutely necessary to keep security within the country. This is the first thing he has to do.

It is up to the new prime minister, and everything depends upon his ability to carry out his own policies and administer the country. How an IT-based society should inform its citizens of potential natural disasters in advance so that they can take preventive measures.

Poststructuralism and Cultural Studies (ENG)

This is the main point that this paper is going to consider. The process of urbanization has gone so far as to reach rural and mountainous regions and to expose inhabitants concerned to the threats of natural disasters. Populated areas have expanded. More and more people have come to inhabit areas where no or few people lived formerly.

In proportion to that, workings of nature are no longer mere forces of nature, but have become causes of an increasing number of actual threats and disasters. The point is whether local governments or municipal corporations are sufficiently equipped and prepared to provide that kind of information which residents of areas concerned really need and find useful in preventing disasters? The author has looked through disaster prevention information websites, especially of local governments.

The examination revealed that some local governments are doing the very best they can to provide necessary information and others make little effort, that the methods they use of providing information are quite various, that this diversity and difference in turn give rise to information gaps between one government and another. These and other facts all point to an important issue: there is still a long way to go before most local governments can provide necessary and sufficient information of natural disasters by means of IT.

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After the end of World War II, Japanese economy continued to grow phenomenally for a long period of time. This is largely due to a system, called the main bank system, under which business corporations and their main banks are closely and effectively connected. While the system works well, everything goes well. This malfunction reflects an inadequate monitoring of corporate management and an insufficient risk control of financing. This essay attempts to define the main bank system in a new and broad perspective and consider the relationships between business corporations and their main banks.

Calls for more rigorous corporate governance from domestic and foreign institutional investors are behind this shift.

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In fact, high-growth companies have been adopting economic value added EVA or market value added MVA as their management benchmarks in increasing numbers. Already have an account? Login in here. Journal home Journal issue About the journal. Please specify a volume, issue and page OR a volume and page.