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Naval Officer or BPA as career starter?
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However, it seems that people like to focus more on their wrongdoings than their contributions. Tags: None.

Top 10 Associate Level Criminal Justice Jobs

Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by sjhogs View Post. ICE Offcr.

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Since you mentioned that you were interested in both the feds and military, have you looked into the coast guard as an officer. You get the best of both worlds, by being in DHS and the military.

Navy intel or coast guard intell. I have actually just began to do research into the coast guard.

Learning Express Editors: List of Books by Author Learning Express Editors

Just finishing up some minor details on it before sending it in. I have contemplated this decision for years now and I'm very confident that it is a step in the right direction. Since this is not a military forum, if there are any current or past Navy officers out there viewing this, do you mind sending me a private message with any advice? Thank you very much to everyone. As a former Naval Officer, I can tell you that it will open doors for you.

I would put Aviation above intel too, as an Aviator you will be working with intel a lot and being able to fly opened even more doors. I use to frequent a forum called Airwarriors.

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I haven't been on it in ages, but I'm sure it is still being used. It is not only for aviation, but all Navy officer communities. I'd recommend aviation, Intel, or SWO to start with Getting selected for Navy OCS has become extremely competitive. Best of luck.

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MRx Tablet. What's Going On. Promotion typically means leaving and becoming a supervisor, operations manager, administrative director, or executive director of emergency services. Firefighting professionals include approximately , firefighters throughout the United States.

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Firefighters are often the first to respond to a variety of emergency situations in which life, property, or the environment are at risk as a result of either natural or man-made forces. The Bureau of Labor Statistics produces an annual overview of firefighting. The typical line of promotion is to engineer, lieutenant, captain, battalion chief, assistant chief, deputy chief, and chief. There are over , law enforcement employees at the Federal, State and local level. These individuals are multifaceted with extensive training in a number of areas including community relations, investigation, crime prevention, narcotics enforcement, forensic science, law, and youth relations.

The overview provides tips to Federal law enforcement career resources. For information about State and local law enforcement careers, call up the agency that you're interested in or visit their website.

What Should I Know Before Pursuing a Career as a Police Officer?

Once hired, individuals undergo academy training. The training continues on the job with potential career opportunities in such diverse specialties as:.

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Law enforcement is a career perfectly suited for the individual who has the highest integrity and honesty and seeks to serve and protect the public. A large number of people leaving the military find law enforcement to be a natural career transition in civilian life.

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Promotion is restricted to those with law enforcement experience and is typically from within except for the highest levels of the agency.