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Michael Baron, the author, is the Jewish John Grisham of law dramas. I found this book as interesting as any Grisham novel I have ever read so that may make it appealing to many people.

Publication Order of Rachel Gold Books

The story line is that our main character is a lawyer who spent time in prison for being a greedy pig. He had is all and took advantage of everyone on his climb to success--succe This is called a thriller but I did not get thrilled nor did I feel driven to turn the next page as they say. He had is all and took advantage of everyone on his climb to success--success measured by money, sex, and drugs.

In prison he found his way back to religion and now serves as gabbai and leads a minyan for those in mourning.

Michael Baron

He is approached by an elderly Jewsih man who had decided to file a wrong full death suit for hsi young daughter killed in an auto wreck--or was she? And so the story goes with most everyone in the book a bad fellow except for the dead daughter. If you like legal dramas you probably like this book. Nov 15, Rita Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: read-mysteries. Excellent legal thriller. Must find more books by this author. Series began in the early 's and uses the author's real name of Michael Kahn. Jan 13, Johnplavelle rated it really liked it.

Louis lawyer and a Federal judge fight it out for justice for the death of a young lawyer. A formerly disgraced lawyer takes on a wrongful death suit and then finds that it involves murder and intrigue. Very interesting mystery with a Judaic undertone running through it. Really enjoyed it. Feb 16, Jill rated it liked it. An enjoyable legal thriller from the author of the Rachel Gold series under Michael A.

Mar 24, Cindie Harp rated it really liked it Shelves: spring-reading-challenge Fairly formulaic, but even so, I could not put it down until I finished Jan 17, Jeannette rated it it was amazing. Kahn's Rachel Gold series is fun and smart and always enjoyable, but this standalone book caught me someplace much deeper.

Beautifully written, and spellbinding.

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Stephen Higgins rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Barbara Pearlman rated it it was amazing Oct 30, Elaina rated it it was amazing Apr 11, Karen rated it liked it May 18, Janine rated it did not like it Aug 30, Pauline Wheatley rated it really liked it Nov 02, JR rated it liked it Aug 09, Melvin rated it really liked it Dec 13, Cathy Houston rated it liked it May 07, Booklover2 rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Pat rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Katherine rated it liked it Jul 22, Barry Weiss rated it it was amazing Feb 24, Mardie rated it really liked it Feb 01, Dawn rated it liked it Jan 31, Is it possible—is it even conceivable—that Angela was framed?

And if Angela is really innocent, then the murderer is still at large, and ready to kill again. The dialogue is realistic and witty; the characters full-bodied and believable. Louis Post-Dispatch. Trophy Widow is a must read for anyone who likes a top-rate thriller. Savvy attorney Rachel Gold wanted no part of any age discrimination case against Beckmann Engineering—a corporate powerhouse known both for its good deeds and its nasty pack of litigation pit bulls.

But Rachel discovers that Ruth had stumbled upon a dark secret, or at least the possibility of one, during her years at Beckmann—a secret that just might even in the odds in the lawsuit. Soon the lawsuit mutates into something far more sinister. Skeletons—both in and out of the closet—start piling up as Rachel digs deeper into a mysterious conspiracy that may span decades of treachery and murder.

If you are a fan like me, this is one of the best. Rachel Gold and her eclectic entourage deserve more attention. This well thought-out book should appeal to mystery fans everywhere. Louis Post-Disptach. Purchase Bearing Witness Now. But within days of taking on the case for fellow attorney—and abused wife—Sally Wade, her new client is murdered. But as Rachel turns her sights and her anger on McBride, she discovers that he may not be the cold-blooded killer she imagined.

Nor, as her investigation reveals, was Sally the innocent lamb. Soon Rachel is moving into a dangerous labyrinth of deceit and betrayal that stretches from the neon nightlife of a secret sexual underground to the lethal corruption of a blue-chip law firm. Louis trial attorney Rachel Gold wades into the rough and tumble world of kinky sex, meatpacking and high-priced attorneys in her fifth adventure after Due Diligence.

Five Things You Should Know About The Well by Marie Sexton – Books for a Delicate Eternity

Rachel Gold is one of the great characters in contemporary fiction. Fast and funny. Fans of Rachel Gold rejoice! Rachel is on top of the world. She has a wonderful new lover and a full caseload in her flourishing St. Louis law practice. Nothing could seem less threatening to her state of personal bliss and professional prosperity than a phone call from a CPA named Bruce Rosenthal. What had the slain accountant discovered, buried deep in the books of the drug company, that involved the senator?

How could Douglas Armstrong, whose honesty and integrity make him the last, best hope of American politics, be connected with any kind of crime? Teaming up again with her best friend Benny Goldberg, Rachel will seek her own measure of vengeance. Her pursuit will take her from the upper strata of St. Louis society to an elaborate network of limestone caves beneath St.

Louis, where answers to the mystery await her arrival—along with the murderers themselves. What more could a reader ask for? I love Rachel Gold — her independence and tough-mindedness, intelligence, and wit. Very sharp-eyed observations of the legal community. After the death of her father, attorney Rachel Gold has returned to her hometown of St. Louis to spend more time with her mother. The savvy and beautiful Rachel, who made a name for herself in complex corporate litigation in Chicago, finds herself enmeshed in Landau v.

Landau , a high-stakes divorce case far nastier than any of her former lawsuits.

And, as she will soon discover, far deadlier. Eileen and Ann are just two of many wealthy, bored housewives who get their kicks three days a week in an aerobics classes conducted at an upscale gym by the handsome fitness guru, Andros. Eileen, however, gets some additional kicks once or twice a week with Andros at a secluded motel.


Shortly after her latest tryst, though, Andros is found dead. The coroner determines the cause of death was cyanide poisoning. Suddenly, Rachel has a personal stake in the case. But as she works her way through the list of angry wives seduced and scorned by Andros, she realizes that sex may not have been the motive behind his seductions.

The St. Louis County Library Foundation is pleased to present acclaimed St. Lindbergh Blvd.

The program is free and open to the public. Books will be available for purchase at the event from Left Bank Books. Back then, the stunning and savvy attorney was engaged to be married.